How well do you know Mick Duffy?

How well do you know Mick Duffy?

Mick Duffy is a man from Chard and he is really cool and he likes to be friends with John Duffy

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What does mick duffy like

john duffy
pat duffy
being by himself
hitting the gym

how much swag does mick duffy have

he always wears boy london
he has no swag because he wears john duffys clothes
all the swag

mick duffy is most likely to be found

studying for his hoover making exams
taking things from john duffys room
with his top off up to his neck in clunge
in his car dishing out banter

mick duffy is chard-hard

only for his prozzies

Knockknock, who's there

mick duffy is burning down your village
its graham from next door to see john duffy
its isaac patch and max patch to see graham and john duffy
its pat duffy on her rounds

what is mick duffys catch phrase

hi john
go away
i am mick duffy i am a tank