Aboriginals & Chinese Cinderella

Aboriginals & Chinese Cinderella

Now lets have a final quiz! We will see how much you have learnt this term! Begin when Ready..

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What did both the Aborigines and Adeline Yen Mah both have in common?

Couldn't deal with the changes in their life so they started to become violent
They were not accepted for who they are as individuals
They both thought they were doomed and had no hope for the future

What was the Aborigines reaction when the white settlers came?

They welcomed them in for a drink and cookies
Ran out and used their spears to kill them
Annoyed but just stayed away

Who was the person Adeline could talk to about anything, even her fears and worries in life?

Aunt Baba

What is the name of an Aboriginal piece of equipment that comes back to you when thrown?

What is it called when someone has the ability to bounce back?