Do you know Pinkypie really good?

Do you know Pinkypie really good?

if you think you really know pinky pie than here is where to find out!

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what is her moms name

when pinky was not happy (straight hair) what made her happy? (curly)

her parents threw a party
she made friends (mlp main characters)
she saw a balloon
sonic rainboom
her dad gave her a banana

her dad has...

Select the three correct answers
pitch fork cutiemark
yellow eyes
side burns
curly hair

pinky pie has...

1 sister 1 brother 1 dad 1 mom
2 sisters 1 dad 1 mom
2 brothers 1 dad 1 mom
1 mom 1 dad
1 mom
1 dad

2 things about pinky

Select the two correct answers
her pets name is gummy bear
she is always hyper
she is almost always hyper
she has a pet frog
she has a pet alligator

her pets name?

gummy bear
party animal
chicken wing

her dads name?

what is pinkypies moms cutie mark?