Elemental Magic-Salanara

Elemental Magic-Salanara

8 quistions long mandatory for all fairies united tr1 members made by salanara

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how much magic percentage does elemental spells take away?


How many kinds of wands for elemental magic are there? (number)

Does having a pet effect elemental magic?

Highly Effect
No Effect

What level does 10 spells bring you up to?
(chose 2)

Select the two correct answers
Level 10
Level 5
It doesn't bring you up to a level

What level is a fairy most powerful at (in elemental magic)?


How many kinds of fairies can learn the move magnet wand? (number)

Which fairies at the top has the most elemental power?

Select the three correct answers
Dawn fairy
Leaf fairy
Time fairy
Dusk fairy
Evening fairy
Glass fairy

What is the most powerful gem fairy?

Emerald Fairy
Moonstone Fairy
Amethyst Fairy