Yu-Gi-Oh!Trading Card Quiz

Yu-Gi-Oh!Trading Card Quiz

This quiz will test you over some yu-gi-oh cards. It will cover some rules of the game as well.

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What level is the card Slot Machine?

It has no level, it is a magic card
Level 8
Level 7
Level 3

Which of these cards are equip cards?

Select the three correct answers
Mystic Tomato
Dark Energy
Silver Bow and Arrow
Jar of Greed
Axe of Despair
Convulsion of Naure

One of the most known cards in the game is...

Red Eyes Black Dragon
Black Luster Soldier
Skull Servant
Blue Eyes White Dragon

Change of Heart does what?

Takes control of one of the monsters your opponent has and lets you use it until the end of the turn
Disables one monster from attacking that turn
Sets that monsters attack to 0 for 3 turns
Destroys the monster for 1000 life points

Black Luster soldier can be summoned by...

Select the two correct answers
2 tribute monsters
Black Luster Ritual
1 Tribute monster
Monsters whos levels equal up to level 8

What monster is ritual summoned and known for taking control of the oppenents monsters and using them against them? (The non-banned one)

Finish the cards name. Celtic ____

The card needed to fuse to monsters together is called...

You have to give a monster as tribute if its level is...

3 or higher
2 or Higher
5 or Higher

Finish the cards name. ____ Reborn

Dark Mimic has how many forms?


Rush Recklessly does what?

Increases one monsters defense by 200 until the end of the turn
Increases one monsters attack by 700 until the end of the turn
Destroys one card on the field for 500 Life points
Gives 1000 attack for 3 turns

You can lay down as many spell and trap cards as you want in your turn.


If you attack a monster whos attack is higher than yours you...

Destroy yourself and your enemies monster
Switch your monster back to defense and have your turn ended right away
Have your monster destroyed and you take life point damage for the difference in attack

Which of these cards has the element Earth?

Select the three correct answers
Beaver Warrior
Mystical Shine Ball
Dark Mimic Lv 1
Muka Muka
Oni Tank T-34
Dark Blade