do you think you know super Mario?

do you think you know super Mario?

so you think you know super Mario eh? well lets just see... good luck! (bye the way...sorry about the flower picture, I don't have any Mario pictures)

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what is bowser's favorite color?


what is a Yoshi called as a baby ( hatched already)

baby yoshi
Yoshi pup
new-hatced yoshi

which princess is luigis girlfriend?

princess toadstool
princess peach
princess daisy

luigi's mansion dark moon is...

the 1st luigis mansion game
the 2nd game
the 3rd game

which is Mario's easiest enemy?

koopa troopa
hammer bro

which enemy characters here are on new super Mario bros? (pick more than 1)

Select the three correct answers
mini goombas
boxer ghosts
robot dragon