ACARA - History rationale quiz (1)

ACARA - History rationale quiz (1)

short 4 question quiz surrounding the rationale of the history curriculum found in ACARA

published on August 01, 20131 response 1

The study of history promotes the understanding of societies, events, (blank) ,and (blank) that have shaped humanity.

Actions , Adventures
Movement, Development
Freedom, Human rights
Politics, Justice

According to ACARA which of the following are NOT a transferable skill developed through the study of History?

Asking relevant questions
critically analysing and interpreting sources
communicating effectively
Identifying grammatical errors

As stated in ACARA what is the main purpose for teaching History?

To equip students for the world by developing understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander, and appreciate Australias distinctive path of social, economic and political development.
To equip students with the skills and tools they can utilise in every other area of their studies.
To make students aware of every event that has taken place in Australian History