Grammar and punctuation (1)

Grammar and punctuation (1)

The aim of this quiz is to test your knowledge on grammar and punctuatation, and also to improve your knowledge in a fun way.

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What replaces a noun or a noun phrase?

A pronoun
An adverb
A preposition

What does an adverb do?

An adverb joins together words, clauses, or phrases.
An adverb describes a noun
An adverb describes a verb, adjective, or adverb.

Which three words are examples of conjunctions?

Wow, gosh, yikes.
And, or, but.
No, yes, maybe.

What is commonly known as a word which describes a noun?

What are single quotation marks most commonly used for?

Speech within speech.
Direct speech.
Speech in quotes.

What type of word is jumping, flying, and singing?

What are double quotation marks usually used for?

What describes the relationship between two nouns?

Which two things are the ellipsis used for?

Select the two correct answers
The ellipsis is used to indicate where a section of text has been omitted from a quote.
The ellipsis is used in a reported question
The ellipsis is used when a sentence trails off, unfinished

Can a question mark be used at the end of a reported question as well as a direct question?


Which two things can a full stop be used for?

Select the two correct answers
A full stop is used in abbreviations such as U.S.A and e.g.
A full stop is used at the end of a question mark or and exclamation mark.
A full stop is used at the end of a sentence which is not a direct question or and exclamation.

Which punctuation mark joins together words and phrases without a conjunction?

Which punctuation mark is used to signal where a contraction or an abbreviation to a word has been made?

What is the capital letter most commonly used at the beginning of?

What is a person, place, thing, quality, or act?

A verb
An adjective
A noun

A comma is used to...

Expand the sentence that comes before it.
Seperate a sentence into logical groups of words.
Add extra information into a sentence.

What is a conjunction?

A conjunction joins words, phrases, and clauses together to make a sentence.
A conjunction is a word which comes after a noun.
A conjunction is an exclamation.

Which three things are parentheses used for?

Select the three correct answers
To add an afterthought into a sentence.
To hide less important information within a sentence.
To add extra information into a sentence.
To add a comment into a sentence.
To indicate when someone is saying a secret.

What does the colon do?

Allows extra information to be added to the sentence.
Forms sentences into two or more groups.
Expands the sentence that preceedes it.

Which punctuation mark joins two or more words together?

What type of word does an exclamation mark most commonly come after?


Is an interjection a sudden exclamation such as wow, yikes, or gosh?