guess the lyrics!!!!

guess the lyrics!!!!

can u guess the song the lyrics come from!!!!p.s some old fashioned songs random pic

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you're everything i need and more
it's written all over your face

halo, beyonce
l.o.v.e, nat king cole
who knew, pink

right, right, turn off the lights
we're gonna lose our minds tonight

irreplaceable, beyonce
raise your glass, pink
hysteria, Def Leppard

o is for the only one i see

hit me baby one more time, Britney spears
halo, beyonce
l.o.v.e, Nat king cole

sorry girl, but you missed out, well tough luck that boys mine now
we are more than just good friends, this is how the story ends
too bad that you couldn't see, see the man that boy could be
there is more than meets the eye, i see the soul that is inside

sk8er boi, avril lavigne
tik tok, Ke$ha
irreplaceable, beyonce

You're a good soldier, Choosing your battles,
Pick yourself up, And dust yourself off,
And back in the saddle

thriller, Micheal jackson
waka waka, shakira
don't stop me now, queen