Do you know your Music

Do you know your Music

Questions about Music.... What is the singer of that song? :) Have a go at this quiz!

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What 2 people song the song " Everything Has Changed " ?

Carly Rae Jepson Ft Owl City
Will.I.Am Ft Britney Spears
Taylor Swift Ft Ed Sheeran

In 2013 who realised the song " Gentleman " ?

The Saturdays
Demi Lovato
One Direction

Who sings " To The End " ?

The OutCast Band
Girls Aloud
Jamie Lynn Spears

What was Demi Lovatos First Album Called?

Don't Forget

Who Sings " Dancing Queen " ?

The Beatles

Who sang " The Fear " ?

Misha B
Cher Lloyd
Lily Allen

Who sing's "Gangnam Style" ?

Tiny Temper
Lady Gaga