Libertarianism (1)

Libertarianism (1)

A quiz about libertarianism and what you know about the theory. Have fun!

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Who came up with the term 'Pick and Mix Society'?


What does Hume believe limits free will?

Our Environment

What is common sense philosophy?

The idea that you are free to do whatever to choose, as long as you do not harm others in doing so.
You have the freedom to make a choice and follow it through, although you may be limited by nature.
Beings should be set free from social conditioning.

Reid believes that if you are free to make a choice and follow it through, then we are...

Not Responsible
Partially Morally Responsible
Morally Responsible

What is the capitalist economic theory?

We have the freedom to choose one commodity over another, when humans are directed to buy a commodity, they have no responsibility for their actions.
People have absolute freedom, but as long as they do not harm others in doing so.
Nature limits free will, nature was ultimately in control of human destiny.