Guess Em Lyricz! Quiz

Guess Em Lyricz! Quiz

This is my 3rd quiz even if I've been on her for 8 days. So enjoy it everybody!

published on June 25, 201341 responses 12 3.8★ / 5

We'll fight till it's over...

So we put our hands up
Cuz this night is not endin
But the world like it's spinnin

I'm not too shy to say I love you...

I have no regrets
I know we are matched
No one's finished yeah

I love the way you make me feel...

Then I get ya
You've got it
I love it, I love it

Is the one for me...

Yeah yeah!
Getta me, ay!

Yeah you make me wanna act like a girl...

But even I am struck too soon
Painting my nails and wearing high heels
Whatever you do baby I am yours