How well do you know Jack and Finn Harries?

How well do you know Jack and Finn Harries?

There aren't many quizzes about there about these two so I thought I'd make one! If you didn't do so well the first time or want to know more watch some cheeky videos watch their channel ALL THE ANSWERS YOU NEED TO TYPE IN ARE IN LOWER CASE

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What did Eliza say in 'Ask Jack 2' when someone asked the question, 'What happened to Eliza?'

When did 'jacksgap' begin? (month and year)

Who is oldest?

What university did Finn go too?

When is Jack and Finn's birthday?

31st March 1993
13th May 1993
13th March 1993
31st May 1993

What is Jack's full name?

What is Finn's full name?

What did Jack change about his appearance in some of his later videos?

His teeth
His hair
His nose

What university did Jack go too?

Why did Jack and Finn go naked bungee jumping?

1 million subscribers!
They graduated!
100,000 subscribers!
They won free tickets!

Name the tv show Jack was in, in the year 2006

Who or what is Drew?

Jack's best friend
Jack and Finn's cousin
Their dog
Jack's lizard
Jack's plant
There is no Drew.

What is Jack's favourite word?