Midnight Quiz

Midnight Quiz

Okay peoples this quiz is just to test your knowledge of the game. Its just for fun, although it will give us an idea of areas that we need to work on.

published on June 23, 20130 responses 0

my Level is 245.... How many guns can I hold?

Wall of Shame is for people who are lacking what?

how many mob do you need at leave 110?

what level can i start upgrading to napalms?

What is the max you can put on your energy?


what is the max amount of guns you will be able to hold?

blah blah blah.... blah blah blah

Select the three correct answers
ya don't say??
omg i know right!!!
ummm yeah

what is the max amount of radio active suits you can hold?

What weapons can you get using the weapons depot?

Select the two correct answers
aa-12 shotguns
Flame throwers

How many attacks are allowed on turfed members?

What Level do you have to be to start working on re-inforced blast shelters?

what is the biggest turf on mafia?

How many Family turfs do we have?

When Jumping someone, how many people can fight on one side?

What is the correct code for the cross?

&# 8226;
&# 8224;
&# 4228;

Who has the ability to change the LT positions?

Select the two correct answers
the boss
the underboss
Lt's and Higher

at level 50 what armor should I be using?

Select the four correct answers
bullet proof vest
body armor
fully body tactical
blast shelter
radioactive bomb suit
straight jacket
bubble wrap

Which of the following is correct? (hint: you may choose more than one)

Select the three correct answers
As an officer of Midnight I know that I am never to ban anyone from our turf.
its okay to backhand the person who catches your bounty
You can attack unturffed people as many times as you want
It is never okay to go into someones s/b without first getting permission from them.

The starbux coffe makes (Fill in the blank) come in faster.


My Level is 169... what should I be working on, as far as missions go?