China Bridge Summer Camp Pre-Test

China Bridge Summer Camp Pre-Test

Whether you are a Chinese history buff or a newbie, test your knowledge of China before you leave for Chinese Bridge Summer Camp. If you don't know the answer to a question, look it up!

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When was the People's Republic of China established?


How many people speak Chinese as a native language in the world?

1/5 - more than one billion people
1/6 - more than 1.3 billion people
1/7 - more than 1.5 billion people

How many people live in China?


Which city in China is the most populated?

Beijing (19,612,368)
Baoding (11,194,379)
Shanghai (23,019,148)

What is the most common surname in China?


The Chinese call their country "Zhongguo," which means what?

High Kingdom
Upper Kingdom
Middle Kingdom

How many provinces exist in China?


What is a province?

Geographic area
Administrative Division

Which of the following are administrative divisions in China? (check all that apply)

Select the four correct answers
Autonomous Regions
Special Administrative Regions

What is the name of the highest mountain in China?

Mount Beiwudang
Mount Everest

What is the name of the most famous traditional opera in China?

Beijing Opera (Jingju)
Sichuan opera
Jilin opera

What is the palace of the Chinese emperors in Bejing called?

The Mother Land
The Lost Empire
The Forbidden City

What is Tai Chi?

A traditional tea served on special occasions.
A form of battle used in ancient times.
A system of slow meditative physical exercise designed for relaxation and balance and health.

What is KTV?

Karaoke Television
Kid and Teen Vision
Kind and Tender Values

What is the name of the longest river in China?

Kherlen River
Yangtze River
Muling River

What is the name of the second longest river in China?

Yellow River (Huang He)
Yang River
Luo River (Henan)

What are the "Four Ancient (Great) Inventions" in China?

Wheel, irrigation, windmill, hoes
Chopsticks, noodles, rowing oar, pottery
Gunpowder, Compass, Papermaking, Printing