Are You Little Mix's Number 1 Fan?

Are You Little Mix's Number 1 Fan?

So you think you can beat me and be Little Mix's number 1 fan, bring it on.

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Name Jade's nickname.

What was Jesy's most embarrassing moment?

When she got denied at her audition by Gary
When her Nan appeared on The Xtra Factor and revealed to the nation
that Jesy drank a cup of wee!!

Who Does Leigh-Anne have a crush on?

'The Bieber'
Johnny Depp
Will Smith

What is Jesy's date of birth?

14 June 1991
15 July 1993
14 May 1994

What is Perrie's middle name?

Why was Jade denied in X Factor before 2011?

She wasn't confident enough
She wasn't a good singer
She didn't have good vocals

What is Perrie's nickname?


Name Leigh-Annes's favourite television programme