Are You Going To Design?

Are You Going To Design?

If you were to visit Designing school how well of a scholar would you be? Take this quiz to find out!

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Name 2 of the most famous clothing of these days?

Select the two correct answers
Belly shirts
T-shirts/Tank tops
Skinny and Bootcut Jeans

How well is Jennifer Lopez as a designer?

She is like the best!!
Ya who Lopez?
She's not as good as me.. I designed at least 2 outfits sucessfully in my life

Welcome. What is your reason for attending this school?

It was the first newest quiz I saw...
Because fashion is my passion. (Wink, winky)
I have been invested in high fashion all my life.

School here is most about?

Select the two correct answers
Making teachers frown intently as they stare at your designs
Impressive Work

How might you feel talking to Katy Perry?

I wuld scream so loud!!!
Fine. Like she's a normal person just like me.
I would fill a bit jittery but comfortable all the same.
How? Hmm. Give me some time to think about that! (Times Up! BTW)