Goering / Cathars

Goering / Cathars

My factfile of Goering with a Cathar question at the end of each bit :)

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Hermann Göring was born on 12 Jan 1893 in Rosenheim, Bavaria.His father was a member of the colonial service in Africa.

Where do Cathars' beliefs originated from ?

Byzantine Empire

He won numerous awards for bravery and was the last commander of the legendary Richthofen Fighter Squadron. By the end of the war, he could claim to have some degree of fame in Germany.

After the war ended, he studied at Munich University between 1920 and 1921

What did Cathars refuse to partake in?


Disillusioned with Weimar’s politicians and their supposed weakness, he joined the Nazi Party in October 1922. Goering was wounded in the Beer Hall Putsch.
He was elected to the Reichstag in 1928. In 1932, Goering was appointed Speaker of the Reichstag. Outside of Hitler, he was certainly the most well known Nazi in Germany.

Who was Pierre de Castelnau?

Hint: 3 choices
Count of Toulouse
A knight
Cistercian monk
A theologian
A baron
A canon lawyer

When Hitler was appointed chancellor and after the establishment of the dictatorship in Germany, Goering acquired many positions. He was appointed Prime Minister and Interior Minister for Prussia and he was given control of the Luftwaffe - Germany’s growing air force. When the war started, Germany was well equipped in the air to carry out Blitzkrieg with devastating effect against Poland.

Who called a Crusade against the Cathars of the Languedoc?


The devastating impact of planes used during the attack on Poland in September 1939 strengthened his position within the Nazi Party. This continued when Blitzkrieg was launched on western Europe.

What did Cathars refuse to do?

Eat animal products
Wash their hands
Have naps in the middle of the day

However, his power started to wane after the failure of the Luftwaffe to destroy Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain. Goering had also publically stated that no enemy bombs would land on Berlin "or my name is not Hermann Goering". When this did happen, it dented his standing in the Nazi Party.

What two principles did Cathars believe in?

Hint: 2 choices
a good creator god
One single God
an evil adversary
One god with two sides (good and bad)
Different gods for different feelings

From 1940 on he fought to keep his power from others. Rather than fight for the same common goal, Goering and his rivals were constantly thinking of ways to extend their power at the expense of others. To what extent this damaged Germany’s ability to fight the war is difficult to assess - but Albert Speer in "Inside the Third Reich" believed it did not do their cause any good.

Who is best remembered for his command at Béziers, "Kill them all. God will know his own"?


Speer also said that if Goering didn't understand a scientific development, he would not give that development his support and reported accordingly to Hitler. Speer claimed that the V weapons could have been ready two years before they were first used in 1944 but for the lack of support from Goering.

When is Catharism often said to have been completely eradicated?

end of the thirteenth century
start of the fourteenth century
end of fiftenth centuary
end of the fourteenth century
start of fiftenth century

He also failed to fully understand radar and its implications. The radar base at Ventnor in the Isle of Wight was not attacked during the Battle of Britian simply because Goering did not order it. That one base gave Fighter Command vital reports throughout the Battle of Britain.

When was the Dominican Order established?


Goering’s behaviour became increasingly bizarre as the war progressed. He was addicted to drugs such as morphine. He became increasingly lazy and fat. His lifestyle became very ostentatious which angered many Nazis who were at least aware that the average German was suffering hardships during the Allied bombing campaign.

Which were the sacred texts of the Cathars?

Hint: 4 choices
the New Testament
The Simon-Peter Chapters
The Gospel of the Secret Supper
The Book of Ten Principles
John's Interrogation
the Old Testament
The Book of the Two Principles

In May 1945, Goering surrendered to the Americans. He was by far the most important Nazi not to commit suicide or be killed. In prison he lost much weight and was weaned off of his drug addiction. He was put on trial at Nuremberg on charges of crimes against humanity and waging war. Of the senior Nazis on trial, he was the only one to put up a forceful defence and on occasions had the courtroom laughing with his comments.

What does Cathar mean?


However this did not save him and he was sentenced to be hanged. Goering was due to be executed on October 15th 1946. Just hours before his execution, he committed suicide by taking cyanide thereby cheating the hangman.

When was the Treaty of Paris?