How Well do You Know Rosetta?

How Well do You Know Rosetta?

Rosetta is a fairy in Pixie Hollow. Well a lot of you may know that.. So here is a quiz to see how well you know her! Some are easy and some are not.

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What is Rosetta's talent?

Tinker Talent
Garden Talent
Fast-Flying Talent
Animal Talent
Light Talent

What 3 colors is Rosetta wearing?
*Hint: Shoes are Br-*

What 3 colors is Rosetta wearing?
*Hint: Shoes are Br-*
Select the three correct answers
dark pink
light pink/ almost white

What is Rosetta's favorite flower?


What is Rosetta's favorite food?
*2 words*

Which is her personality?

Worried Wart: Oh my gosh! Is she going to be ok?
Sassy and Sweet: Orange is so unflattering! (Sassy), oh but it looks great on you sugar. (Sweet)
Rough and tough, tomboy. ex: "I found a skunk bath, you know, we should really make something like this for us."
Curious and very bubbly. ex: "HI THERE!!! Are you ready to start FLAP FLAP TODAY?"
Sweet and Silly. ex: Somebody switched our heads!!! *GASP*

Where does Rosetta live?

The Winter Woods
An amazing teakettle
Rose-Blossom chalet
The Babbling Brook