What will you do?

What will you do?

This is a quiz of what will you do questions.If you choose the right ones you pass!!!!

published on June 13, 201325 responses 11
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Your mom took you shopping to buy video games. You bring $20.00.The video game you want is $40.00.What will you do?

Borrow $20.00 from you mom.
Get a video game for $1.00
Get the paper bag horse.

You are going outside for recess.It is winter. You look in your backpack and find 1 mitten.Your friends are waiting for you! What will you do?

Go outside with no mittens
Get mittens from the office/Teacher's Lounge
Take someone else's mitten.

Your mom baked cookies.You need to eat dinner early cause you have skating after dinner.You can only have two.You eat two and your still hungry.Your mom is going to superstore which is around the block.What will you do?

Call her and ask to have more cookies
Just take some more cookies
Eat something healthy

You are in the house alone.Your friend knocks on the door and asks you to go to the mall.Your parents told you to stay in the house.What do you do?

Shut the door cause it might be an imposter
Say no I can't leave the house and hope she understands
Go with her

Your parents are on a date.Your siblings are at their friends houses.You are alone in the house.You hear a knock on the door."WE ARE THE POLICE!!!!"you hear one shout.What do you do?

Pretend you're not home.
Let them in.
Call your parents.

You hear your phone ring.You look at number and it's 911.You are home alone except for your talking parrot.What do you do?

You don't answer.
You get your parrot to talk for you.
You answer.

You are walking to school.You see someone with a gun running toward you.He starts shooting at you but misses.What do you do?

Stop walking,take out your phone and call 911.
Run in zig-zags
Sing:"You can't get me!" and do a funny dance.