Minecraft qiuz!!!

Minecraft qiuz!!!

Do you know your mine craft? Then take this free test! NO CHEETING! Thanks!

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(Super Easy)What is Minecraft?

A Movie
A Video Game
A Shop
Something That Sucks

(Easy) What do you do In Minecraft?

Mine,Craft, Kill creepers
Something that sucks
Shoot stuff!

(medium)Who Created Minecraft?

EA Games
Some dude

(quite hard)Who runs minecraft now?

Mojang AB
EA Games

(hard)What is the most valuable thing?

Alien Spaceship

(difficult) what is awesome?

Building Giant Pixel art
A dirt house
Jumping on a creeper

(Very Hard)On the 12 of june 2013, How old was minecraft approximately

20 Years old
4 years old
Just made!

(Impossible) What is the last sentence of the minecarft credits