medicine cat quiz!

medicine cat quiz!

are you fit to be a medicine cat? test your knowledge on herbs right here!

published on June 12, 201310 responses 3 4.0★ / 5

A kit has swallowed a deathberry! what do you do?

Feed it yarrow
Apply cobwebs
Feed it chervil
Feed it watermint
Feed it poppyseeds

Oh no! One of the elders has caught greencough! what do you do?

Feed it feverfew
Feed it honey
Feed it catmint
Feed it thymes
Feed it poppyseeds

A cat has a sore throat. what do you do?

Apply cobwebs
Feed chervil
Feed poppyseeds
Feed it juniper berries
Feed it honey

There are more than one answer to this. What are the correct herbs are used for a cat that has a bellyache?

Select the two correct answers
Juniper berries

Last question. An elder is complaining about a tick on his back. what do you do?