The Sims Trivia

The Sims Trivia

Trivia/ Quiz on The sims. 1 through 3. Are you a True Sim Fan? Can you remember the the Original and Best?. Just how Well do you Know The Sims? Give It A Go. and Find Out!

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What was Will Wright most famous for?

What was Will Wright most famous for?
Creating The Simcity series (4 in all. so far)
Creator of the popular franchise, The Sims
Creator of Spore. and spinoff DarkSpore

What year was the sims created/ released?

February 2nd 1998
February 3rd 1999
February 4th 2000

Who were Bob and Betty Newbie?

They lived unmarried, on 22 Sim Lane along with their daughter. who then made an appearence in Sims 2
They were the very first Tutorial-created sim family, players used upon load up. who lived on 7 Sim Lane.
They were the neighbors of Bella and Mortimer Goth. whom they disliked intensely.

Where did Bella Goth really disappear to?

She ran off with one of the (good looking) Lothario's.
She was abducted by aliens. and now resides in Strangetown.
She divorced Mortimer and up-moved to Simsville.

How were sims originally abducted in the Sims 2?

While Stargazing. sims would be scared half to death, as laser beams of light propelled them into the sky. to an awaiting ship. After a day or so. they would return to their homes dazed and confused.
Whilst stargazing, they would hear an ominous sound, an a little while later a spaceship beamed them up. returning them the next day. none the wiser!.
Sims would use the telescope, and whilst stargazing. they would be 'marked' and in an unexpected moment. be hurltled towards an awaiting space carft. not before grabbing ahold of their mail boxes for dear life., in a last ditch attempt, only to be returned later that day. with a very unnerving surprise!.

Who was Brandi Broke's Father?

Don Lothario
Mortimer Goth
Bob Newbie

In the Sims 1 who was the Tragic Clown?

The Tragic Clown visits depressed Sims who own the "Tragic Clown" painting in order to cheer them up.
He was an evil reincarnation of the Grim Reaper. who upon their sudden demise, took the souls of sims, kicking and screaming to the depths of hades.
He was a Happy and Cheerful fellow, who alas, one day drowned in his own urine. and thus. became the woeful being. known as The Tragic Clown!

In the Sims 3. (without peeking now!)
What is the color of a ghost sim. who died in a fiery blaze?

Red with ashen remains within a flaming ball of fire.
Orange with burning flames and sparking ember.
Yellowish with clouds of grey smoke and orange flames.

In the Sims 2, Who/What were the Plantsim creatures and how were they created?

Plantsims were like ordinary sims. except they had the ability to talk to plants and could engage in awesome fun activities when their 'super meter' was full. They were created simply by consuming an elixir from the juice of The Cowplant.
Plant sims were special creatures who did not require any social needs. they were created by means of a rare tree (found only in the highest mountains in Three Lakes -Bon Voyage), that when planted would sprout seedlings and thus the plantims came to be.
PlantSims are just like sims , as in form, however their skintone and eyes were more plant-like. and the needs differed slightly from regular sims. whom were created by the overuse of pesticides (Sprays) on crops or fruit trees.

The Laganaphyllis Simnovorii (commonly known as the Cowplant) is a bizarre bovine vegetation that is large enough to swallow a Sim whole; What did the Cowplant use to lure in an unsuspecting Victim, to later be 'milked' from its udders?

A slice of Apple-cherry pie
A slice of Vine-cake
A slice of Blueberry pie