Testing Fundamentals

Testing Fundamentals

This quiz involves basic testing fundamental concepts and testing techniques

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Which phase takes inputs from Business requirement Document and provides the output in High/Low level Documents:


16. Some of the details are missing in the below diagram. Please identify the missing information correctly from the below options:

a. Plan, Test Cases
b. User specifications, Unit Testing
c. Business specifications, Smoke testing

17. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of Agile model:

a. Regular adaptation to changing circumstances.
b. Face-to-Face conversation is the best form of communication
d. The project can never get taken off track, even if the customer representative is not clear on the final outcome.

20. Which of the following is a specification based testing:

a. Black box testing
a. White box testing
c. Integration testing

19. Identify the four phases of Spiral model:

a. Planning, Requirement gathering, Test and Deploy
c. Planning, Risk Analysis, Engineering and Evaluation
d. Planning, Requirement gathering, Engineering and Evaluation