The reformation

The reformation

year 10 religion class. The reformation in 1517 that Martin Luther conducted.

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What is purgatory?

Where the devil lives
A jail
A place you go before you go to heaven. The place between heaven and hell.

What are the 95 theses?

95 things that Luther thought was wrong with the church
95 things Luther hates
95 things Luther likes about the church

What is the Council of Trent?

a council made up of people called trent
a council made to help fix the problems of the church and the reformation
a council made to try and get more money off of the community

What are indulgences?

presents that you give to people
pieces of paper that help get you out of purgatory

What did Martin Luther teach while he was a professor?


What key event did many of the changes of the church come from?

St.Ignatius death
Forming of the Council of Trent
The death of Jesus

What did the Pope do to Luther after he didn't recant?

Send him to be hanged
Sent him to hell
Excommunicate him

Where was St.Ignatius born?


Who founded the society of Jesus?


What was a major factor that led to the reformation?

People always fighting
Black Death (plague)
People living on the streets