Summer Lunch Training Quiz for Returning Volunteers

Summer Lunch Training Quiz for Returning Volunteers

Please answer the following questions to show that you are prepared to properly serve children lunches with the Summer Lunch Program!

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How many hours do children have to read in order to receive a free book from the Library's summer reading program?


Which of the following rules for serving lunch is INCORRECT?

Adults cannot eat any of the food served during Summer Lunch
Children need paperwork in order to receive a lunch
Meals are first-come, first-serve

Is this statement true or false: You can keep nonperishable snacks like chips or sunflower seeds in the goodie box for kids to eat on later days in the week.


What two numbers on the count sheet must add up to be the same?

The total meals available and the total number of items
The total meals received and the total meals available
The total meals available from the previous day and the total leftover meals

All of the following are foods children can NOT take away from the eating area EXCEPT:

Bag of chips, sunflower seeds
Strawberries, apples, peaches
Bananas, oranges, carrots, celery sticks
Milk, main entrée

How many days can you keep leftover meals?

Only one day—you can use them the following day but then they need to be thrown away
Two days—you can keep them two days after they were first delivered and then throw them away
Four days—you can keep them four days before you throw them away

Who is supposed to fill out the library survey when it is distributed in the middle of the summer?


What kind of ink pen can you NOT use for the count sheet?

Blue ink pen
Red ink pen
Black ink pen
Purple ink pen

Which is not a correct step in serving a meal?

Not handing a child milk because he/she does not want it
Giving a child their meal and their milk at the same time
Having a child return whole, unopened or prepackaged items that they don't want to eat to a "goodie box"

When recording the temperature of the lunches, what temperature must the food be under?