Would you survive the zombie outbreak?

Would you survive the zombie outbreak?

This is just my take on whether or not you'd survive an outbreak, I'm probably wrong because the right answers are just what I think would be the safest idea that would keep people alive longer. Even if you do fail it doesn't mean that you die, I just think that other options are the safest way of living it out. QUIZ INFORMATION This quiz should provide situations giving at least two clear options to determine whether you'd survive and how long for. try and stay as close to the truth as possible. Have fun!

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The Zombie Outbreak takes you by surprise and one of your visiting family member/friend is infected. You are equipped with a gun with bullets in it and a lock to padlock the door shut if you decide to. What do you do?

Give in and stay with them (padlocking the door) as long as you can
and kill yourself. If you're going to die, it's going to be with them.
A world without them is a pointless world for you to live in.
Bolt it out of the room as quick as you can and lock the door with the
padlock. Why stay to be human meat? Besides, staying is basically
suicide. Killing them would be a waste of a bullet and they're not worth
Pick up your gun and mercy kill them out of respect. You wouldn't want
them to live a life based on cannibalism. Besides, you wouldn't want a
zombie being alive to stalk you, would you?

Having packed a good supply of food and medicine to keep you going for a decent amount of time, you are armed with good weapons to protect you. You face another crisis. There are two directions which could hold your fate. The city, and the countryside. Which route do you take?

The Country-side. Maybe it's quite a long journey, but there could be other survivors. Besides, it's less populated, right? But on the other hand, less people means hardly any food. It's only a matter of time before you start starving. Is it worth going here, or should you go to other places that have more supplies and weapons?
The City. It's packed with supplies and decent shelters. Even if there may be more zombies than in other places. It'll keep you well off and supplied for a long time until you have to make another move.
A military base/bunker: Having teamed up with a group, you strongly suggest this location. But the others disagree saying that they've seen packs of zombies outside of the place maybe a month ago. Your gut instinct is to go. You don't mind if they don't want to come, more supplies for you, eh? A military base is packed with weapons and stores of food. Who cares if they don't want to come. Your choice.

You now have a group of nine people. One, unfortunately, has been bitten and the rest are getting afraid. Who knows how long they have left? Everyone looks up to you to make the decision, even the bitten person refuses to make the choice alone and will not let you amputate or do anything to delay the process. They say that they're already infected, there are a pack of around 70 zombies heading your way. It'll take them at least five minutes to reach you but the bitten person won't move.

YIKES! STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU FREAK. Well, not in those exact words but abandon them and stay as much away from them as possible. Why the hell would you stay with a pre-zombie? Leave them as bait and leave them for dead. There's a lot more serious things. Besides, the person should lead them off of your scent.
Equip them with a weapon you find you wouldn't mind losing. Have your bitten stay behind and kill as many of those zombies as possible, making less for you to deal with. The person is already bitten, so there is nothing to lose. To protect your group, it would be good.

Suppose you get bitten, I mean SUPPOSE, and you might be afraid, anxious, and hopeful. Should you tell your group and save them the fatal surprise, or should you keep it quiet and search for a cure. You got bitten on the arm. Make your decision.

Tell them. You want them to at least be prepared for the time that you may turn. Support may be needed, and you won't have to deceive them. Let them amputate the area bitten to delay the process and hope that it's enough to keep you alive until you might find a cure. If you should turn, at least they're prepared and have said there goodbyes.
Hide it. You and you're group have been through too much for people to start losing hope. You hate the chance that they might leave you behind or kill you. Besides, if you find the cure you wont need to tell them.

While out on a scout to find supplies, you offer to go out into a different section to look. While out, you find a thick piece of fresh, juicy pork. But do you keep it to yourself and reboot yourself or do you tell the group what a miracle you've had.

Keep it to yourself and eat the meat. Lately you've been weak, starving and drained all of your energy hunting. you deserve to eat, and you were the one who found it. Eat it and when you return greet them with a sad lie saying you had no luck. they'll get theirs soon enough. It will fuel you if you come under attack, at least one lives.
After you find it return to the group and cook it. Split the meat with your group. There are children and people you need to feed before thinking of yourself. you might gain their trust which could benefit you.