how well do you know clato

how well do you know clato

cato and clove how well do you know their story? If you love clato you should be able to answer.

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when did cato and clove meet

on the tribute train
at the reaping in district 2

who loved who first

cato loved clove first
clove loved cato first
they loved each other but didn't tell

what did cato do/say when clove was dying

say thank goodness I don't have to kill her now and walk away
beg her to stay with him, kneels down, whispers I love you, then kisses her, she dies and he cries
run to get thresh after screaming at her to stay with him

what did clove say to cato while she was dying

win for me cato, I love you its not your fault I shouldn't have mentioned 11 to district 12
you idiot you didn't save me
tell peeta I think hes hot ok cato

why did cato say go on im dead anyways to katniss when she was threatening to shoot him

he wanted to go home to his family but was bleeding to death already so he wanted katniss to hurry up the process
he wanted to distract katniss so he could kill peeta
he would hate life without clove and he was thinking his life isn't worth living without her