how well do you know the film 'despicable me'

Right Im testing, hope you all enjoy it. (No bad things on my wall) and im gonna waffle on to fill the box of 12 words lol

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which of these are the three children.

margo, edith and Poppy.
Diamond, ruth and Hermione.
Agnes, Poppy, ruth
Margo, edith and Agnes
ruth, poppy and Agnes

which of these phrases does the youngest child use when she wins a fluffy animal at the fair.

I love it
Its so fluffy im gonna die!
Its so cute im gonna die
Im taking it home!

What did the youngest child win at the fair?

What do the evil minions look like?

Select the two correct answers
Two eyes
One eye
six eyes
three eyes
four eyes
five eyes

What is the minions favourite food?

what is the man who adopted the kids name?


What is the lady at the adoption centres name?