Rookie Blue

Rookie Blue

How much do you know about Rookie Blue? Are you truly a Rookie Blue Fan? Find out with this Quiz.

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What did Jerry give Tracey as an Anniversary Present?

A Hotel Getaway
A Knife
Chocolates and Flowers

In S02E03 What do Sam, Gerry and Andy find in the boot of a Car?

3 Human feet
3 Human Heads
3 Human Hands

What do Diaz and Epstein Save from a bag and Peck says they cant keep it?

A Cat
A Puppy
A Guinea Pig

What episode did Sam Swarek and Andy McNally first Kiss


Where does Epstein find Gale and Diaz Making Out?

In The Interrogation Room
In The Changing Rooms
In a Police Car

What is wrong with Andy's Father?

He is an Alcoholic
He is a Druggie
He is sick

What is Any McNally's Mums Job?

A detective
A Social Worker
A Doctor

How long were Nick and Andy Undercover for?

9 Months
7 Months
6 Months

Where was Andy when Detective Callaghan went to talk to her after they broke up?

In the Interrogation Room
At the Tea and Coffee Bit
At the Basketball Court

What color did Shaw's daughter dye her hair for a party?


In S02E08 the man with the blue face swallowed something, What did he swallow?

A ring
A Pen Drive
A nut

What name does Andy use when she is out on the streets and see's Sam Undercover?


Why won't Gale look at Tracey when she is in the Hospital?

She blames herself for Gerry's death.
She doesn't like Tracey.
She is angry an doesn't want to look at anyone.