Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

This game is about warriors of many music genres, including punk, indie, pop, southern rock, modern rock, classic rock, black metal, and hard rock. this 2010 game is actually learning because it encourages people to start playing in a band. The goal of this game is to recruit 8 warriors to save rock by freeing the imprisoned Demigod of Rock. All you Guitar Hero fans, take the quiz!

published on May 27, 20134 responses 1 5.0★ / 5

These are the names of all four male warriors, but which one is the 1st warrior in the Quest?

Johnny Napalm
Austin Tejas
Lars Umlaut
Axel Steel

How many Megadeth songs are in the game?


Which Rush song is in the game?

"Tom Sawyer"
"Roll The Bones"
"La Villa Strangiato"
"The Spirit of Radio"

All these songs are considered Insane on guitar. Which one is the hardest?

"Chemical Warfare"
"Sudden Death"
"Black Widow of La Porte"
"This Day We Fight"

Same question, only on drums

"Chemical Warfare"
"Fury of the Storm"

Which member of Kiss narrated the Quest?

Gene Simmons
Paul Stanley
Ace Frehley
Peter Criss

What is the last song in the game?

Which of these "Guitar Hero" characters are not warriors?

Select the five correct answers
Axel Steel
Clive Winston
Johnny Napalm
Eddie Knox
Izzy Sparks
Casey Lynch
Xavier Stone
Judy Nails
Lars Umlaut