what do i need to be a lawyer?

lawyers are very cool and we like them we want top ve like 6hem and live in boston and gf to harvad

published on May 05, 20112 responses 2

i would need a...

a puppy
a degree in law
a special university hat thingy, one of them black things
3 A's at A level

my qualities would need to be...

clever, serious, good with people
funny, blonde, pretty
clever, musical, boring
boring, serious, rich

to get the most appealing GCSE's i would choose from...

list 3
list 2
list 1
the dictionary

whcih one of these does a lawyer not work for...

a sister stealing make-up
child abuse

how long does it take to get a law degree?

20 years
1 year
4 years
5 years

where can a lawyer work?

anywhere the case takes them
a courtroom

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