MINECRAFT QUIZ (with BUDDER aka gold questions)

MINECRAFT QUIZ (with BUDDER aka gold questions)

this is a minecraft quiz (yes i play minecraft)with questions (DUH) about youtubers who play minecraft like DEADLOX AND SKYDOESMINECRAFT AKA BUDDER KING blocks mobs all that

published on May 12, 201331 responses 7 3.0★ / 5

who is notch

notch is notch
the creater of minecraft
the person who eats BUDDER

what do charged creepers do

Blow up bigger
shock you
give you BUDDER

what youtubers play minecraft

Select the three correct answers
PEWDIEPIE (felt like he needed capitails bros)
(this isn't one by the way) kermitplaysminecraft (lol)

what block is very very valubable

(very very very easy one) what is minecraft's one point

to get BUDDER
to mine
to kill the enderdragon