Pre test tr1

Pre test tr1

just a few questions to see where tr1 is at. Thank you! Zaoe all teacher. PLEASE PUT YOUR NICKNAME IN TR1 AND YOUR SCORE IN THE COMMENT BOX OF TEST SCORES!!!!! TYPE THE NUMBERS OF THE QUESTIONS YOU MISSED!!!!

published on May 16, 20111 response 1

How many sets of wings do fairies have?

None of the above

What is the wing growing process like?

What happens if you don't take care of your wings?

You will fall over backwards
You will fall forwards
You will slowly drift upwards
You will quickly drift upwards

Do fairies need words to do magic?


What is a wand to a fairy?

Do you need a wand to do magic?


Which of these two dreams do you have first?

Lotus to choose wings
Lotus to choose sparkles

How will your body prepare you for flight?

You will randomly lift up off the ground
It will make it feel like you aren't on the ground
You will not do anything
none of the above

What do sparkles do?

You need them to do magic
They make you fly
All of the above
None of the above

How much do you feel you know about fairies?

All there possibly is to know
Enough that I don't need to be here (which is certainly not true)
Honestly, I don't know anything eut they have wings and they are small...