Austin and Ally (5)

Austin and Ally (5)

Do you really know Austin and Ally find out right here (yes i was watching Austin and Ally when i made dis)

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Who is in Africa for most of the series

Who is in Africa for most of the series
Des's Dad
Ally's mum
Austin's little brother

What is the episode called that Austin and Ally break up(sorry if i just ruiened it F.Y.I i cant spell)

Chapters and Chocies
Girlfriends and Girl friends
Couples and Careers

Why did ally have stage fright

because if she didn't pefrom she couldn't mess up
No one knows why
She just does

How long has Ally had stage fright

Her whole life
A couple of years
When austin showed up

What year and month did austin and ally come out in

2012 september
2012 november
2012 august