Just a quiz

Just a quiz

This is my first scored quiz and i don't know how it will go. I will ask you a bunch of random questions out of no where. So here it goes and good luck! :)

published on May 04, 201320 responses 6 4.2★ / 5

Who was the first USA president?

John Adams
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson

In what year did Amy Winehouse die?


What does Odontophobia mean?

Fear of teeth
Fear of water
Fear of crossing the street

How old is the white house?

Between 300 - 328 years
Between 100 - 17 years
Between 209 - 217

How long do cats sleep in one day?

16 - 18 hours
20 - 22 hours
18 - 20 hours

does your hair grow after you die?

It never stops growing so yes