how well do you know the hunger games? (5)

how well do you know the hunger games? (5)

are you a hunger games superfan? see how much you know about the hunger games.take this quiz and find out:)

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what is katniss' surname?

i dont know

who is katniss' hunting partner?


what is tessera?

something to help you get chosen
i dont know
you put your name in again and you get grain and oil

what is the first book in the series called?

what are the names of gale brothers?

nick and dory
vick and rory
nick and rory

how old is posy in the hunger games?

what is posys favourite colour?

how did katniss kill marvel?

she shot him in the neck
she shot him in the head
she shot him in the heart

how did clove die?

katniss shot her
thresh smashed her skull
by traker jakers
thresh choked her

wheres the first place that katniss got water in the arena in the 74th hunger games?

the lake
the pond