Rome Test

Rome Test

All about Roman government, culture, daily life, and geography. It is also about gladiator fights, and etc.

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How long did the western empire last?

27 BC- 476 BC
27 AD- 476 BC
27 BC- 476 AD

What is a patrician?

A common person
A rich powerful noble

What were three ways the Etruscans influenced the Romans?

Architecture, Art, Gladiator fights, Chununt Race, and Boxing Armor
Art, Writing, and Language

What does republic mean?

Government that has one leader
Government that elects people to govern/ represent them
Government that has a few leaders

How long did the Eastern half of the Empire last?

27 AD- 1453 AD
1453 BC- 27 AD
27 BC- 1453 AD

How long did the Roman Republic last?

509 BC- 27 AD
509 AD- 27 BC
509 BC- 27 BC

What was the center of Rome?

Twelve Tables
Rome itself
The Forum

What is a plebian?

A common person
Powerful, rich noble

If a person moved to Rome, could they practice their own religion?

Yes they could because the Roman religion was the exact same as theirs.
No they couldn't because the Romans hated when other religions moved to Rome.
Yes they could, as long as it didn't effect the Roman laws.

Why did the Senate assassinate Julius Caesar?

They were afraid he was becoming to powerful, and they were afraid of him
They didn't like him
They hated his wife

What does the term bread and circuses mean?

It means bread and circuses were given to people
It means that free food and free entertainment were given to the poor people
It means that the Romans had slaves

Who was Julius Caesar?

Military General
All of the above

Why did the plebians want to see the laws?

What was the story of how Romulus and Remus founded Rome?

Remus killed Romulus and he made Rome a republic
Remus killed Romulus and made Rome an Empire
Romulus killed Remus and named Rome after himself

What were some names of the Roman gods/ goddesses?

Venus and Zues
Jupiter and Saturn
Jupiter and Venus

Where was the place where The Law of the 12 tables was posted?

Who founded Rome?

Romulus and Remus
Julius Caesar
The Grachus Brothers

What was the most important sea to Rome's name?

Red Sea
Nile River
Mediterranean Sea
Tiber River

Who began the Roman Empire?

Augustus (Julius Caesar's adopted son)
Julius Caesar's Wife
The Senate

What year was Julius Caesar's death?

44 AD
44 BC
45 AD

What was the name of the laws that were posted in The Fourm?

What was the religion that was persecuted throughout Rome at this point?


When Augustus becomes emperor what does he have happen?

Pax Romana (200 years of peace)

What was the major affect of Julius Caesar's death?

The republic ended
Pax Romana
The empire ended

What was the Romans language?