How much do you know about animals part 2!

How much do you know about animals part 2!

You shown me that you were very clever, but this here is getting difficult. so if I were you, I think you should grow a bigger brain to know this!

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Do worms such as Earthworms have genders? True or false?

True, A worm can have a gender!
False, A worm doesn't have an gender, They can be both a male and a female!

How old does a dinosaur have to be to reach it's size?

3 years
18 years old
much later than 18.
None of above

How old does a wolf have to be when it leaves it's family?

3-4 months
5-6 months
7-8 months
9-12 months
older than a year.

True or false: The donkey is called Burro in Spanish.


When you look at the hump on a worm, what does the hump represent?

Their age
The egg
their gender
none of above!

The starfish has eyes, true or false?

The starfish never had eyes!

The starfish takes out digestion with it's buttocks, true or false?


Last question, What five dog breeds are the gassiest? (You know belching e.t.c)

Select the five correct answers
German shepherd
Labrador retriever
French bulldog
Great Dane
Bernese mountain dog