camer apps

this is for a camera apps test today like now. it will be today and mulitple choice and short answer

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creates the script


in charge of $ and schedule


what is an adaptation

story structure a1

story structure a2

story structure a3

director actor writer expenses

above the line
below the ine
on the line

camera set costumes

Select the one correct answers
above the line
below the line
on the line

logline example

best boy

Select the one correct answers
helps with lighting
carries stuff


linear viewing

sets up lighting

define genre

script that is script/directors notes

starting at the end of a script and working backwards

a person who does general stuff

# of all the scenes

script breakdown

person who supervises the grips

2 types od release forms

a production design is a person who is concerned with

word for the designing and staging on the production space

a face to face oppertunity to sell a story

a book or binder that has all the paper work that deals with the production

basic idea of a story


what does a UPM do

person whos work is delegated by the director

quotable statments

person who does the physical labor on a set (carrying, moving sets...)

a list of whens and wheres