Do you know your facts

Do you know your facts

This quiz will have a lot of questions and you have to pick the right answer to pass.

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What is the largest dragon from this selection

A mountain dragon
A rainbow dragon
A tree dragon
A Chinese dragon

What is the name of the new Selena Gomez song

A year without rain
Come and get it
Who says

What is the most healthiest food from this selection


What is the most popular state

New York

What is the rarest bear from this selection

Paola bear
Black bear
Brown bear

What is the fastest animal out of this selection

A Cheetah
A T-Rex
A dog

What is the biggest ocean animal

Blue whale

Who is the biggest star from this selection

1 direction
One republic

What is an Oscar made out of

What is the slowest animal form this selection

A hermit crab
A old snail
A turtle
A elephant

Name the rhino that has 600 for its population

Name the rhino that has 600 for its population

What is the number one game from this selection

Call of duty