Women's Soccer

Women's Soccer

2011 Women's World Cup and beyond mostly focusing on Canada and US national teams

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When and where was the last FIFA Women's World Cup?

summer of 2012, London
summer of 2011, Germany
summer of 2010, Japan

What team (country) won the Women's World Cup?

In the World Cup opening match who broke their nose from team Canada?

Abby Wambach
Christine Sinclair
Alex Morgan
Melissa Tancredi

What teams participated in "the greatest soccer game ever played" (women's game) at the London Olympics

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United States

Who scored in that historic match (semifinal of the 2012 Olympics)

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Alex Morgan
Melissa Tancredi
Abby Wambach
Carli Lloyd
Christine Sinclair
Megan Rapinoe

What team won gold at the 2012 Olympics?

What is the name of the new womens soccer league in the US that was formed for the begging of the 2013 season?

How many teams are in the league