Cotton History Quiz

Cotton History Quiz

A short quiz on the breif introduction to the history of cotton. This quiz covers part one of objective 2.00

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What is a boll?

a type of seed
a protective capsule
the stem

What is the botanical purpose of cotton fiber?

to gather the seeds
to protect the seeds
to aid in seed dispersal

Where was the earliest cultivation of cotton in the Americas & how long ago?

South America, 9,000 yrs
North America, 7,000 yrs
Mexico, 7,000 yrs
Mexico, 8,000 yrs
Canada, 8,000 yrs

When was cotton first cultivated in the Old World?

9,000 yrs ago
10,000 yrs ago
6,000 yrs ago
7,000 yrs ago

Did British and French traders abandon Egyptian cotton after the French & Indian War?


What did cotton produced by slaves do? (choose as many answers that fit)

Select the two correct answers
Help the South
Destroy the North
enrich northern merchants
Hurt the South

What is sharecropping?

When slaves and white men share land
When a land owner allows others to use his/her land in return for a portion of the crop produced
When a landowner makes a slave farm on his/her land in order to get crops
When slaves and farmers share land and split the crops

In the early 20th century,why did employment in the cotton industry fall?

lack of cotton plants
Egypt & other places were selling and producing more cotton
machines began to replace workers
Slavery was abolished

Which Cotton song does Tom like the most?

The Fabric of Leona's Life
The Fabric of Colbie's Life
The Fabric of Zooey's Life

Who picked cotton?