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good luck. 3 questions for each topic(except the last one) three answers for each question

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Who won the #1 Contenders match on Smackdown to find out who will face the winner of the 20 man Battle Royal?

Alberto Del RIo
it was a double disqualification

Also on smackdown, who won the 20 man battle royal to find out who would face alberto del rio in a ladder match for the world heavyweight championship

kofi kingston
wade barret

In this 20 man battle royal who did the winner eliminate to win?

justin gabriel
jack swagger

during Raw, who did the miz cash in his money in the bank title on to win the WWE championship

randy orton
john cena
wade barret

what move did the miz use to win this match

a choke hold
he used a weapon
a skull crushing finally

who was accompinying the miz at ringside during this match?

jack swagger
michael cole
alex riley

who won the 2011 royal rumble

alberto del rio
randy orton

who did this person eliminate to win

wade barret
cm punk

how did he eliminate this person

a samoan drop over the ropes
threw him over
with a counter

last but not least, at what point in the undertakers streak did randy orton face the undertaker? say what it was AFTER the match. write ??-0