A geography quiz for my presentation in socail studies. By Nicole in a school.

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What is the population density of Colombia?

58.22 people /sq. k.m
105.77 people /sq. k.m
41.73 people /sq. k.m
67.73 people /sq. k.m

Who has a higher literacy rate?


Choose the country with the MOST violent crime out of the following


What is arable land?

Land not replanted after each harvest.
Land not used for crops.
Land that is replanted after each harvest.
None of the above.

What are two of the four reasons that Cuba is a better option than Colombia.

1.They have a higher literacy rate.
2. They have a warmer cilmate.
1. They have cuter animals.
2. They have a higher population density.
1. They have a lower death rate.
2. They have a more doctors.
1. They have less crime.
2. The cost of living is cheaper.