general knowledge quiz (1)

general knowledge quiz (1)

your general knowledge is important sometimes but how much do you actually know?

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who was the first man in space?

Yuri Gangarin
Neil Armstrong
Lance Armstrong

what currency does India use?

what will you find on the American flag?

Select the two correct answers
white stars
blue stars
red and white stripes
blue and white stripes

why is a kangaroo called a kangaroo?

kangaroo is aboriginal for 'furry animal'
kangaroo's can jump to 40 feet high and the word kangaroo is
aboriginal for 'jump'
native Australians were asked by travelers what they were called and
kangaroo is Aboriginal for 'i don't understand you'

what is the name for trees that shed their leaves in winter?


who invented electricity

Alexander Bell
Alexander Flemming
what? how would you invent it!

how many episodes of Friends are there?

how many episodes of Friends are there?