Let's test what you know!

Let's test what you know!

Alright now let's put your knowledge to the test. Hopefully you all were paying attention

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A seed is best described as a(an)

mature spore
mature ovule

The male reproductive part is the ____.

Which of the following is not a MALE reproductive part?

Pollen Sacs

Where the egg develops and fertilization takes place.

Relationship between flowers and the animals that pollinate them is a ____ relationship

Aggregate fruit develop from....?

from a single ovary
from floral parts as well as ovaries
from several ovaries in a single flower

What is an incomplete flower?

Some of the petals fell off
Lacks one or more of the Whorls
a perfect flower
I don't know!

Eggs and other cells of female gametophytes arise from ____.

A flower that is described as a complete flower means it has ?

Select the two correct answers
A Calyx
A Corolla
All of the above!

Meiosis prduces ____ ____ ____spores