Weekly Activity 3.29

Weekly Activity 3.29

This week's focus Hughes April Promo Update, Sales Skills, Fraud Prevention, Tailgater, Wiki Search:

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Weekly Activity 3.29
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First Name, Last Initial


Eddie wants to take his RV to his brother in law Clark's house again for a trip this summer along with his dog Snots. He is interested in getting DISH for his RV, but is also interested in DISH for his home. What is his best option? (Consult the Tailgater Job Aid on the Wiki)

Flex with a 211 receiver for his home and to be taken with the RV, $149 for the 211, plus X amount for the additional receivers for his house and to take with him in his RV, plus $350 for the Tailgater.
DHA 24 or Flex 24 with a 211 Receiver in the equipment configuration (Free or Reduced Activation), take the 211 with him in the RV, plus $350 for the Tailgater
DHA 24 with Hopper and Joey equipment (Free Activation), take the Hopper with him in the RV, plus $350 for the Tailgater

Bill Gram calls in and is interested in DISH and wants "Religious" channels, Christian Television Network in particular. Using the Wiki search tool list two General Channels in the religious category are available in AT120


Which of the following is the Hughes Lease offer effective April 1st? (Consult the Hughes Sales Flow and Pricing Grid on the Wiki)

$49 Upfront after rebate + $100 Dealer Funded Mail In Rebate, $49.99 for Power Plan for 3 Months, 24 Month Agreement, Free Installation
No Upfront Charge + $100 Dealer Funded Mail In Rebate, $49.99 for Power Plan for 3 Months, 24 Month Agreement, Free Installation
$99 Upfront + $100 Dealer Funded Mail In Rebate, $99.99 for Power Max, 24 Month Agreement, Free Installation
No Upfront Charge, $49.99 a month for 12 Months for Power Plan, Free Installation

True or False. A customer requiring all four of their HDTV's to be independently viewed at the same time by four individuals, will need to have 2 Hoppers and 2 Joey's installed, resulting in a $99 upgrade charge instead of 1 Hopper and 3 Joey's.


Jada is calling in wanting 6 TV's (3 in HD) - 2 Hoppers and 4 Joey's (which will require a $199 upgrade) and wants to know how much its going to cost for channels like E!, ESPN, Food Network, Style, Teen Nick, OWN, and Cooking Channel. What is your next step?

Let her know that you understand that her time is important and go ahead and provide her with the quote for the package you recommend and any applicable upgrades first, then try to obtain her address, card number, and SSN.
Ask for her address, card number, and SSN. Then provide her your recommendation and quote for the package you recommend and any applicable upgrades.
Build rapport, let her know of the other great benefits of signing up today, and let her know that you need to run a quick credit check to get her qualified for the promotion to ensure you can get her the best offers available. Obtain her address, card number, and social security number

Right sizing for dish net – offering 5 gb plan without asking how they use internet
Tom Hanks calls in to inquire about dishNET Internet and you ask how he currently connects to the internet today and how he uses the internet when he gets online. He tells you that he cant get broadband in the area he lives in and he likes stay connected with his Twitter followers, catch up on email, download music, and stream classics like Big, Castaway, and Forest Gump. Which dishNET package do you start him out with?

10 GB - $49.99/mo.
20 GB - $59.99/mo.
30 GB - $79.99/mo.

Trur of False? If a customer calls in to add dishNET to their existing DISH video service, a credit check needs to be run again on the customer to qualify the customer to add the dishNET


True or False? Ken Griffey is a huge Seattle Mariners fan living in Ohio and says he has to watch all of the Mariners games this season. He has looked into Directv MLB Extra Innings, but the $199.99 price for the season is a bit steep for his budget. DISH doesn't offer MLB Extra Innings, but MLB.TV Premium is available for $124.99 for the season and will allow him to get all the Mariners games. This is a great alternative to Directv's Extra Innings and Cable even though DISH doesn't offer Extra Innings.