do u know the lyrics

do u know the lyrics to these songs or who sings it or can you finish the lyrics

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who sings "grenade"

Mike Posner
Bruno Mars
Jay Sean

finish the lyrics
"I'm so glad you made time to see me"

hows life tell hows you family
id go back to december all the time
if the chain is on your door i understand
i never seen you in awile

what this song called by iyaz

hey soul sister
material girl
you belong with me

finish the lyrics
"your on the phone"

and its just tuesday night
with your mom shes mad at you
with me and we talk all day
with your girlfriend shes upset

who sings "material girl" together

taylor swift and boyandgirls
demi lovato and selena gomez
hilary duff and haily duff
iyaz and charice

finish the lyrics
"i know you love me"

like baby baby baby ooohh
i know you care
i will never ever ever let you go
i know you miss me

finish the lyrics
"i would catch a grenade for ya"

throw my hand on a blade for ya
jump in front of a train for ya
you know i would do anything for ya
i would go through all this pain

finish the lyrics
"stupid cupid"

y r u a cute baby
stop runing my life
stupid cupid
stop picking on me