HORSE Vocabulary

HORSE Vocabulary

How many horse vocabulary words do you know?? Words like green,filly,arena and more.

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What is a Arena

A pen/area used to ride / train a horse
a filed

The segment of leg between the Fetlock and the Coronary Band is called the

What is a Foal

Any horse under a year old
a female horse under a year old
a male horse under a year old

What does Pulling mean?

to have a horse pull a cart
to tug
to trim a horses mane or tail

What is Groundwork

When you ride a horse
when you fall off a horse
exercising a horse without a rider

What is a paddock ?

a enclosed area where horses are kept
a lock
a large field which is not gated in

What side of the horse is the off side ??

What is a hand

Something on the end of your arm... DUH
the way of measuring a horse
a hand is a hand

What does it mean to rear

When the horse raises up on its back legs
When a horses rear goes in the air
dunno don't care

What side of the horse is the near side?

What is a Dam

Something a beaver makes
the mother horse
the father horse

What is a yearling ?

A horse between the ages of 12 and 24 months
A horse between 3 and 5 years of age
a horse who was born in the last 12 months

What is a Martingale ?

A horse related thing....
a piece of tack used to control a horses head carriage
(how he/she holds her/his head)
a piece of tack used to ride a horse with out a saddle

What TWO colors make up a piebald colored horse

Select the two correct answers

A small whip is called a

a small whip.. DUH
a Crop
a phi

What is a Filly

A male horse under the age of 4
a female horse under the age of 4
Any horse under the age of 4

What is a Mare

A female horse over the age of four
a male horse over the age of four
um... I DUNNO

What does green mean ??

A horse that has been dyed green
A horse that had little to no training
A ummm ....wild horse

What is a Colt

A young horse
A young male horse who has not been gelded
A young female horse

What is Chrome

A white marking on a horse that is eye catching
A internet browser
a bright color